4 Bedroom Bungalow (RF 4007)

Entrance Porch
Guest Toilet
Ante room
Main Lounge
Kitchen with an island table
Master’s Bedroom
Master’s Terrace
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 4
Wcs = 5
Bath = 4
Total floor area = 311 m²
All Bedrooms have their toilet and bathrooms

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Plan Price:
140,000 Naira

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  1. Can you do the architectural and structural designs for 100K . What will building this cost, maybe the range . Thanks

  2. I love this. How much is the building plan for this and can I build this on a 502 square meters land and still have space left?

  3. Good day, can I get this same plan designed in 2 bedroom bungalow ?, I’m building a two bedroom along with 3 self con in an 100 by 50 land square

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